How does this process work?

When working with new customers we gather information about your machines, tooling, workholding and NC code files. We build tool libraries specific to each customer and program for tooling they are accustomed to using. We also have post processors for a wide variety of machines but have the ability to customize a post processor to output specific code requested by our customers. If the customer has a specific manufacturing approach they want to use we will follow that. Alternatively, CET can perform product development and build the entire machining process for you as well as design the fixtures required.

Do you program for my particular machine?

CET programs for a wide variety of mills and lathes with many different types of controls. If we do not have a post for your machine we can build a post processor to output the code needed to work with your machine.

How do I know what it will cost?

CET can either quote your project up front at a firm price or bill actual time upon completion.

How do I get the information after you are done?

Files are delivered via electronic delivery.  CET utilizes DropBox for secure file transfers unless our customer has a different preferred protocol.